Developers ask to relax restrictions for more Edgware homes

25th September 2022

As in our post last month, council Hearing Sessions are underway for Barnet. A number of informal debates will take place on the principal matters identified by the Inspector. Those involved have had the chance to send Written Statements to respond to the Planning Inspectors questions. Savills have answered on behalf of Ballymore & TfL for Edgware Central. Here are 2 key responses:


In the review, "the levels of housing growth sought in the Edgware Growth Area appear particularly ambitious when considering the site opportunities identified"


In response, Edgware Central have proposed a change to the council policy to allow potential for more homes:

"We maintain that a more flexible approach to the growth targets maximises the Council’s ability to meet its housing targets in the context of a persistent and significant need for new housing locally and across London, which is a single housing market."


In response to the larger question they conclude: "we consider that policy GSS05 has been positively prepared, is justified, effective and consistent with national policy, and in general conformity with the London Plan, in relation to the scale and distribution of the development proposed in the Edgware Growth Area". Read the full statement here.


The Inspector asks a lot about tall buildings. Edgware Central has decided to answer this: "“Whether the proposed allocation of sites in the Plan is positively prepared, justified, effective, consistent with national policy and in general conformity with the London Plan?”"


In response, they say the current policy:

"places undue emphasis on the consideration that should be given to the height of neighbouring buildings" and should be amended: