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Read summaries of other strategies and proposed plans in place for Edgware:

Barnet Growth Strategy (2020 - 2030)

Edgware Growth Area SPD (2021)

The town centre falls within the boroughs of both Barnet and Harrow and the councils jointly prepared this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to guide how Edgware Town Centre can successfully undergo renewal and better serve as a destination for local residents and businesses.

The SPD supports comprehensive redevelopment of key sites to reflect Edgware’s status as a major town centre, reinforce the role of the high street, provide new public spaces and make the street environment more attractive. The town centre will also provide opportunities for new high quality homes, including affordable housing.

The scale of regeneration in Edgware means that change will happen over several years, and at different rates in different places during the SPD period.

Major Town Centre status



Regeneration & homes

The Broadwalk Centre, tube and bus station

The Forumside

Existing building heights (note the plan is derived from an analysis of heights in metres translated to storeys and therefore the number of storeys is indicative)

Aerial view of the Forumside area

Lidl & The Mason Arms

Aerial view the Mason Arms

Aerial view of commercial buildings fronting the A5/ High Street




Premier House extension

In early 2021 the owner of Premier House submitted plans to add three extra rooftop floors to make it a 17 storey building, to pay to replace flammable ACM cladding. Betterpride, which bought the Premier House block in Edgware just months before the Grenfell fire, said recladding the residential block would cost around £4.8m.

Much of this cost will be covered by central Government funding, but the owner faces a £1m shortfall because three professional landlords in the block, who between them own 30 flats, qualify for no more than €200,000 of state aid per company.

Until those leaseholders accept liability to make up the funding shortfall or a Tribunal hands down a verdict in around 12-18 months time, the remedial work is set to remain on hold.

Recently Betterpride was one of 14 firms named and shamed by the government for failing to progress dangerous cladding removal work. Now Betterpride has submitted plans for an extra 21 flats for sale over the three extra rooftop floors to help forward finance the recladding works.

The extension is expected to cost around £6.4m, generating a £1.3m profit based on estimated sale prices in the area. GML Architects has also come up with a new design to the exterior of the building to remove the stigma associated with the current cladding.

A shared roof garden will also provide safe private amenity space for all residents.

Betterpride has also committed use any surplus profit to refund leaseholders for additional service charges since the building was revealed to be fitted with flammable cladding. Source & photos 1 & 2 credit: Construction Enqurier. Photos 3 & 4 credit: Centro.

As of late 2021 "the next step is for the freeholder to apply to the FTT to determine that the costs are reasonable and payable by the 3 leaseholders.  This has been submitted to the FTT and a decision is awaited." Updates can be found via Property Planner.

2023 update: In May's town centre Q&A Cllr Nick Mearing-Smith was under the impression the extra 3 storeys had been approved.

Knight Frank plans

After the SPD was published in June 2021, Knight Frank released this booklet with the Railway Hotel used as a focus point for mass Forumside development.