Future of Edgware Town Centre Q&A

4th June 2023

On the 17th May, Edgware Councillor Lucy Wakeley hosted a virtual panel to discuss the future of Edgware town centre. Over 230 residents signed up with two hours of questions put forward. Below are the answers to some of the main questions asked:

Ballymore regeneration

What is the timeline for the planning application?

Ballymore are hoping to submit their planning application for early September, 'taking into account all of the consultation responses and forming a balanced opinion'.

How long will building take?

'In the region of 10 years' to build 'Station Road backwards' with the aim that retail and bus uses are as uninterrupted as possible.

In the meantime will Ballymore maintain the current site, including filling potholes in the car park?

'Yes that is our responsibility'.

If planning is not approved, what happens next?

The Mayor of London could uphold the decision, or could call the planning application into his own hearing which could see it approved. Ballymore say they would consider their options for redevelopment and 'keep going'.

How would the eruv be impacted by the development?

Ballymore are happy to discuss what 'boundary treatments we put around the site, if any, or what features we can include to ensure that boundary is maintained all the way around the site'.


Why has Edgware been chosen for 5,000 new homes?

The London Plan set a target for Barnet and the Barnet/Harrow Edgware SPD established this opportunity, as Edgware is Barnet's only major town centre. The site allocations are still under examination. Also, the fact they are brownfield sites makes them more appropriate for building.

How have the current building heights been set?

Ballymore answered 'we need to balance the demands that have been set upon the site and Edgware Town Centre as contained within the SPD, as have been dictated to Barnet via the Mayor of London for Edgware to be a growth area that should accommodate up to 5,000 new homes.' Ballymore plan to build 25 buildings on the 28 acre site. They added 'height is inevitably needed' to meet the borough's housing targets, as well as to make room for retail and 'significant open space'.

How much of the development will be social housing?

The policy requirement is a minimum of 35% and up to 50% affordable housing. Negotiations in the planning process will look at this. The council add they are committed to affordability on all eligible schemes.


What will happen to Edgware Sainsbury's?

Ballymore are in negotiation with Sainsbury's and are looking to provide a slightly larger store than the current one, at the centre of the site. The existing site will continue in operation, with parking, until the new store is opened.

What will happen with the other shops?

The Broadwalk Shopping Centre will be demolished. The current retail onsite is about 220,000 sq ft, Ballymore say they are proposing 500,000 sq ft of new commercial, leisure, food and health uses.

What will the impact be on independent shops in Edgware and what support will they get?

If the Business Improvement District (BID) becomes successful, the proposed plan includes supporting independent shops in the area. Measures such as additional marketing, family events, cleaning projects, additional lighting, and decorative initiatives are part of the business plan, which would begin on 1st September for a five-year period.


How will the development plans cater for infrastructure?

As well as talking about the electric underground bus depot, residents were told there would be 'somewhere in the region 20,000 sq ft of space that can accommodate some form of medical provision'. Ballymore are 'looking at engaging with GP services, dentistry...' with a lot depending on trusts confirming to them that they would like to occupy the space. There is the same kind of engagement with the education team at the moment. 'This scheme will be subject to a community infrastcture levy' to meet Barnet's as well as Edgware's needs.

Will bus passengers have to go underground?

No, only the garage/depot would be underground. Passengers would board the bus above ground.

With tubes already packed, will there be more regular trains?

TfL regularly makes planning projections. 'At the moment those projections show the capacity at Edgware Station remains at a safe level for the foreseeable future' however they recognise the development may have an impact on that.

With potentially 12,000 new residents, why is there no new school?

'We monitor the infrastructure requirements as well as part of the Local Plan'. As well as working with education colleagues, they will monitor the population. Potentially there could be new schools or existing schools could expand.

Will the commuter car parks at Edgware go?

According to a TfL study a number of years ago, a significant amount of traffic in the commuter car park comes from outside the borough, 'increasing traffic flow'. Ballymore say there are trying to provide as much as they can, but London plans include reducing the amount of cars. Ballymore will be working with the council.

How many spaces will the multi-storey car park contain?

Ballymore say they are planning 344 public parking spaces, plus 250 spaces for Sainsbury's and the town centre and another 425 for residents. (So 769 spaces in the multi-storey car park.)

How has crime been designed into the plans?

'[Ballymore] will provide security throughout the development which will be levied by the service charge of the [residents / restaurants]'.

'There would be a 24 hour presence on site to ensure safety'.

Community engagment

How are Ballymore managing public consultation?

So far they claim over 2 years of engagement with over 100 events/meetings. This will continue, including in person at the meeting room. The next round of public consultation will begin most likely in July.

Why are the council not taking into account the feelings of local residents?

Councillors say the planning process hasn't started, but they have been meeting residents and 'my emails are always open'. Once the planning process begins residents will be asked for their views.

What are the councillors views?

Cllr Wakeley says 'we've been clear with Ballymore that we do have concerns about the size of the development' and they will continue to raise those concerns, and about parking. But 'it's not fully decided yet'.

Cllr Gordon adds: 'your concerns are our concerns'.

Other Edgware topics

What are the plans for Bakery Path?

The London Festival of Architecture plans will help refocus spaces like Bakery Path. 'Permanent refuse bins' are also in consideration.

Can we have an update on the Railway Hotel?

The building is in a 'significant state of disrepair'. There is an agreement in principle for a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), which is a last resort. The council are looking at other ways to secure the building before a CPO.

When can we expect The Railway Hotel to be brought back into the community?

It's privately owned, so it takes a lot of collaboration between the council and the owner to achieve a long term sustainable use.

What will happen to the site of Edgware Library on Hale Lane?

There are no concrete plans at the moment, authorities are exploring more options if it is relocated to the new development.

What are the council doing to keep Edgware's streets clean?

There are periodic deep cleanses, as well as a regular town-keeper. They say the Edgware BID would offer additional strategies to those the council run.

Can we have an update on Premier House?

Cllr Nick Mearing-Smith was under the impression the extra 3 storeys had been approved.