Petitions launched against overdeveloping Edgware

19th May 2023

Two petitions have been launched, campaigning against the 'gross overdevelopment' of Ballymore's regeneration plans. The first has been launched by Edgware councillors, following this weeks virtual panel. They agree the current proposal "is excessive and is not in the interests of Edgware". Their four objections are much similar to ours, relating to scale, parking and infrastructure, as well as consultation. However, some have criticised "a reduction in the size and scale" as being too vague. Others have asked for a petition not to be aligned to any political party.

You can read and sign the Edgware Development Petition here.

The second petition has been started by a resident, and within 24 hours has over 1,200 signatured. Using 38Degrees, the petition is addressed to Barnet Council and the Mayor of London.

You can read and sign the Save Edgware Now petition here.