Take action

Take a stand against overdevelopment

Now you've read the Broadwalk plans, we need residents to respond - here's how you can help and raise your objections...

2. Follow 'Save Our Edgware'

This is the resident-led campaign to scale back the Broadwalk plans. You can keep up with them:

3. Join 'Save Our Edgware'

Residents have set up a Facebook group to discuss and redevelop Edgware on residents terms.

Funds are needed for leaflets, posters, website design, legal and other professional advice. If you haven't done so already can you please chip in?

They also need people to get involved with everything from door to door canvassing, press outreach, planning advice, legal expertise and video filming & editing. 

4. Spread the word

There's a lot of residents who don't know about the plans. Share these sites and pass the petition on through WhatsApp groups and social media. Talk to your neighbours and relatives in Edgware. It's all about raising awareness.

5. Fill in the local survey

To enable Save Our Edgware to compile the views of the local people, the group has put together a short survey. This is also useful for presenting a counter-vision for the future of Edgware.

6. Write to your councillors

Writing objections to councillors is an effective way to ensure your voice is heard and influence decision-making.

Useful resources:

Save Edgware Now petition QR code

SOE Poster.pdf

'Save Our Edgware' poster for window/shop displays