MPs double down against Edgware plans

21st October 2023

As Ballymore are set to put in their planning application 'by the end of September', local MPs have doubled down in their criticism of the Broadwalk regeneration plans.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, raised the issue in Parliament for the second time. He made clear his objections to the height and density of the project, which 'will totally change the character of Edgware, morphing it into a Canary Wharf twin'. You can watch/read below:

Video transcript

This is a rough transcript from the above video:

"Now I move on to the monstrosity that is Edgware Towers. This is a truly ridiculous proposal for a cluster of very high rise buildings in Edgware Broadwalk. Their plans are to build a cluster of 29 high-rise buildings, one block of 29 stories, and 14 others in excess of 20 stories. This will totally change the character of Edgware, morphing it into a Canary Wharf twin and literally overwhelming the current infrastructure.

Now important to note, I am supportive of reasonable development, but certainly not outrageous development in this way. Ballymore Estates are trying to put the same amount of housing that would take up the entire area of St James' Park on the space of Edgware bus station. It is a nonsense there are many ludicrous things that happen. This construction will take more than 10 years, completely killing the SMEs on the High Street. The Underground bus station faces a major threat to people's safety, particularly women and girls. Further there is the fire safety issue of the electric buses and the batteries will be contained; this would be the first anywhere in the world where electric buses will be put underground overnight.

There will also be very limited parking, none for residents, and cars are needed by residents to travel east to west. It's all very well if you want to travel into the center of London, but if you don't you want to travel anywhere else you need a car and indeed what will also have as impact on the traffic is that all around the area will have to be control parking zones for 24 hours a day 7 days a week because there will be no controls on the residents in these particular properties.

Now it completely ignores public opinion. My recent survey has received more than a thousand responses with 96% against the proposals. Now last week I met Ballymore Estates to discuss their unacceptable proposals. It's fair to say we had an interesting discussion but I made clear my opposition to their plans.

The sheer scale of the development is complete codswall and it's clear they are not listening to the views of local people and businesses. They are planning on submitting their application to the local authority by the end of September, so it's vital that residents share their views and voice their objections as soon as possible.

I would make clear we're not against development, we're just against the scale and density that is being proposed."

Also, residents have recently received replies from Hendon MP Matthew Offord. In his response to concerned residents, he agrees the development is 'excessive and not in the interests of Edgware'. You can read that in full below:

Letter transcript

"Thank you for contacting me about the planned development of The Broadwalk Centre site in Edgware.

Whilst I welcome investment into Edgware, | am clear that any development must be in keeping with the area and ensure adequate facilities and infrastructure, including parking, for both residents and existing local businesses.

I therefore share the concerns of many local people that the current proposed development of 4,000 homes, with some buildings planned to be 29 storeys, is excessive and not in the interests of Edgware. | therefore am supporting residents, Edgware Councillors and Barnet London Assembly candidate, Julie Redmond, in calling on Labour-run Barnet Council and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to listen to the concerns of residents and ensure:

· A substantial reduction in the size and scale of the residential development

· Similar levels of non-residential parking to that currently provided for those using the shops and businesses in Edgware, as well as decent levels of residential parking.

· Development of infrastructure and additional community services to support these new homes. This includes GP services, school places and other amenities that can accommodate this scheme.

· Full consultation with all local residents on the revised proposals

You can find out more about my campaign-against this development and sign my petition to Barnet Council and the Mayor of London at:

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Both MPs are running their own petitions which they continue to encourage residents to sign. This is in addition to the residents petition, which has collected over 5,500 signatures. What counts most, however, is the letters of objection to Ballymore/TfL's planning application - which is expected any day now.